Sanctuary of Hope Programs

The Sanctuary of Hope is a place of refuge for those in need of hope.  Through our Resident programs young single mothers and their children have the opportunity to receive the help they need.


The overall Sanctuary of Hope project will consist of the Joe and Van Mabee Home, an east wing and a west wing (Phase One), and five individual homes (Phase Two). At present, Phase One is completed and is dedicated to serve single expectant mothers ages 12-22.

Additional individual homes designated to accommodate Residents age 0-17 in need of a caring, nurturing and safe environment, and/or who are awaiting adoption into a loving Christian family is currently under construction with an anticipated completion date of 2020.

The Sanctuary of Hope’s philosophy of care is based on a desire to provide services that meet a child’s and young adult’s spiritual needs by providing a strong biblical foundation as well as their basic need for shelter, nutrition, clothing, and education.

Additionally, the Sanctuary of Hope will strive to equip young single expectant mothers with the support they need including; practical training in parental and life skills, and continuing educational/vocational opportunities which are associated with our transitional living program.

The Sanctuary of Hope also offers a Transitional Living Program which is designed to serve Residents' basic life skills development toward independent living. The program will and does include basic life skills training and offers the opportunity for Residents to practice those skills while being guided and supervised in an environment that is supportive, caring and nurturing.

Programs include but are not limited to:

  • Parenting Skills and Development
  • Facilitation of Pre & Post Adoptions Support and Services
  • Life-Skills Counseling and Development
  • Introduction and Development to Christian Values
  • Christian Development and Growth
  • Christian Counseling
  • Provide Access to Medical Care
  • On-Site Health Care Professionals
  • Personalized Online Education
  • Access to College and Career Opportunities
  • Provide Access to Educational Advancement

Now Accepting Resident Applications

Residents are mothers ages 12-22, and their children who live under the care of Sanctuary of Hope. If you know someone in need, we are now accepting applications and referrals for residency.

How To Apply

To apply call 210-499-1554 or complete the Application.

What Happens After You Apply

Upon receiving an application, a Sanctuary of Hope staff member will contact the applicant for further assessment for placement.

The decision to admit a Resident into care is based on the facility’s ability to meet the physical, medical, recreational, emotional, social, behavioral, and educational needs of the Resident under consideration for admission within the guidelines of regulatory requirements. The Sanctuary of Hope provides or recommends the most appropriate and least restrictive or intrusive service to the Residents served.



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